Join My Mission

The nutritional, environmental, and ethical case for better meat, Sacred Cow, is a paradigm-shifting project up against the financial and marketing prowess of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. In order to make the most of the film, we need a robust impact campaign.

I’m now raising the funding to implement an educational program with lesson plans and guides.? The more money I raise means more schools and conferences we can screen the film!

Additionally, I’m working with policymakers on agriculture initiatives and nutrition agendas to ensure animal-sourced foods have a place in guidelines aimed at improving the health of the women and children who need it most.

Every cent we raise will pay for the impact campaign. I appreciate any support you may be able to provide. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!

- Diana Rodgers

Director & Producer of Sacred Cow


Rancher Training

5% of all film sales will go directly to a special scholarship fund for low income and BIPOC farmers to attend the Savory Institute training in Holistic Management.