Film Support

Sacred Cow is an independent documentary film project. The majority of our funding has come from the public through our successful crowdfunding campaign, which has brought us through development and into the last stages of production.

We’ve partnered with Filmmaker’s Collaborative, a Boston- based 501(c)(3) as a fiscal sponsor in order to accept tax deductible contributions.

Individual Donors

Special thanks to our most significant donors: Justin Nault, Paul and Pascale Edelman, Amanda Atkins and a generous anonymous donor.

Angela Alt, The Betty Rocker, Alison Bagley, Antony & Emily Bartlett, Michael Bean, Vie Binga, Willa Bodman, Tara Buckland, Jennifer Calihan, Jacob Cantele, Kristin Canty, Tyler Cartwright, Deborah Clark, Theresa Cohen, James Connolly, Cullen Connors, Nicole Craig, Cristina Curp, Jacqueline Dagenais, Stacia Dawson, Cameron Duncan, Tonie Fagnan, Gabrielle Fernhout, Katie Forrest, Tim Ganley, Mike Geary, Gerald Guidroz, Ami Grimes, Anthony Gustin, Matthew Haney, Randy Hartnell, Melissa Hartwig, David Hauser, Jeff Hays, Kelly Hopper, Dominique Howard, Heather Juergensen, Kevin Hench, Lierre Keith, Chris Kresser, Kiran Krishnan, Alex Lewin, James Madden, Jeremy Manderville, Amber O’Hearn, Amy McLain, Jami Pierce, Primally Rooted, Lisette Rauwendaal, Antoine Rochon, Gilbert Rodgers, Robert Sansom, Naomi Schwimmer, Jamie Scott, Mark Sisson, Steven Soares, Ed Shapiro, Alice Starek, Robert Stevens, Alyson Stewart, Kelly Tague, Michelle Tam, Ashley Tilley, David Towle, Mickey Trescott, Peter Thomson, Robb Wolf, Luis Villasenor and JJ Virgin

Non-profit & Corporate Partners

We’re working with organizations that share our mission for healthy people and a resilient environment, and are proud to have several companies and non-profits supporting the film. No financial contributor has editorial control over the content of the film.